There are 4 forest lodges at Dhikala Zone which provide accommodation to the visitors.

  • Dhikala Forest Lodge
  • Gairal Forest Lodge
  • Sarapduli Forest Lodge
  • Sultan Forest Lodge


  • Accommodation in forest lodge - Basic / Standard
  • Attached toilets - yes except in
  • Star category - None
  • AC in the rooms - No
  • TV in the rooms - No
  • Tea cattle maker in the rooms - No
  • Mobile connectivity - Negligible
  • Land line - No
  • Electricity - Only Dhikala lodge has fixed electricity line. Electricity in all the other rest houses are provided by panels.
  • Restaurant / Canteen - Dhikala and Gairal lodges offer canteen with buffet meals. Other lodges provide facility with room attendants.
  • Room category - Tough there are different room categories but all the rooms are similar. Even rooms with category may vary from each other.
  • Location - All the lodges in dhikala zone have excellent location and offers a wonderful view of forests and provides a rich and unique experience
  • Safety - All the rest house except sultan are covered with solar wire fencing to keep away the animals entering the forest lodges

Dhikala Forest Lodges

luxuryDhikala Forest Lodge has 25 rooms & 2 dormitory with 12 beds in each dormitory. 25 rooms are further divided into 5 categories

  • Old Forest Rest House - 5 rooms
  • New Forest Rest House - 4 rooms
  • Annexe - 7 rooms
  • Hutment - 6 rooms
  • Cabin - 3 rooms

Dhikala is the most famous forest lodge in Corbett National park. Situated 32 kms inside the jungle, Dhikala forest lodge offers breathtaking view of Ramganga reservoir. Dhikala forest lodge has most number of rooms in the park. There are 2 canteens inside Dhikala Forest Lodge.

Gairal Forest Lodge

luxuryGairal Forest Lodge has 6 rooms & 1 dormitory of 8 beds. 6 rooms are further divided into 2 categories. Old Forest Rest House & New Forest Rest House

  • Old Forest Rest House - 2 rooms
  • New Forest Rest House - 4 rooms
  • After Dhikala Lodge, Gairal lodge is the most preferred forest lodge amongst visitors. Gairal forest lodge is located on the banks of ramganga river. Gairal forest lodge have electricity for a few hours in the evening via generator.

Sarapduli Forest Lodge


Sarapduli forest lodge has 2 standard rooms & 1 dormitory of 3 beds. Sarapduli forest lodge is located on the way to Dhikala lodge from Dhangari gate. Most centrally located rest house facing the ramganga river at Dhikala zone is Sarapduli lodge. Due to the proximity to the river in front, movement of tiger & elephant are more at Sarapduli forest lodge. �For bird watchers & to see crocodiles, Sarapduli forest lodge is the best place.

Sultan Forest Lodge


Sultan Forest lodge has 2 standard rooms. Sultan forest lodge is the first lodge you will come across,when you drive from Dhangari gate to Dhikala Lodge. �Sultan Forest lodge has 2 rooms only. Solar fencing is not around Sultan Forest Lodge. It is named after Sultan Sot (local seasonal stream) which flows through this region.