About Dhikala Zone
About Dhikala Zone

Dhikala is the largest, most beautiful, and must-visit zone of the Jim Corbett National Park. It is located 50 km inside the dense forest of the Jim Corbett. The Dhikala Range is known for panoramic valley views and wildlife sightings. The entry gate of Dhikhala is the Dhangadi gate and the zone is named after the chaur or grassland Dhikala, one of Asia's biggest grasslands.

There is much to explore for a tourist in the Dhikhala Zone, such as sal forests, river beds, mixed forests, and grasslands supporting the life of varied species of wildlife. The reason for the density of wildlife in the zone is the Ramganga river. Every season comes with a new form of beauty in the Dhikala zone and is fascinating to those who love nature and wildlife. You can explore this amazing place in 4 hours, but you feel like spending days there once you visit it. You'll be amazed to know that the place has a huge population of crocodiles and gharial maggar.

If you're planning to visit Corbett any time soon and considering viewing the Dhikhala zone, then read the following information carefully-

Safari Routes

Below we have mentioned all the safari routes and their proximity to respective rest houses are mentioned below-

  • Near Dhikala forest rest house, you'll find Dhikala chaur, Thandi Sadak, Mota saal, and Sambar road Safari routes.
  • Near Khinnanauli rest house, you'll find Kamarpatta road, ramsing road and chaur, phulai paar, and high bank safari routes.
  • Near sarapduli forest rest house, you'll find Champion road, High bank, and Gorkha sot safari routes
  • Near Gairal forest rest house, you'll find Crocodile point, Gairal tiraha, shikari batiya safari routes.
  • Near sultan forest rest house, you'll find Sultan sot, shikari batiya, and saaj Garhi sot safari routes.

Note- Above are the safari routes as per the proximity to the rest houses, but you can visit any safari route irrespective of the rest house you're staying in.

You'll get to see wild elephants, chital, hog deer, and a variety of grassland bird species and raptors. In the Dhikhala region when you enjoy animal sightings, you can also experience reservoirs and bird watching. We hope you enjoy your trip to the National Park!

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